Hello Kindred Spirit,

If you’ve landed here on this website, then we probably have a lot in common—adventure, exploration, curiosity, an undying love for humanity, while searching for the meaning of life.

We see beauty in the ordinary. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. We find comfort in discomfort. We’re always learning and always growing.

My life has been driven by this search for meaning and led me to where I am today. I began my career as a mechanical designer in corporate America, working for big-name companies like Harley-Davidson. While that career gave me the means to travel the world and build a beautiful life, I was always yearning for something more.

Something deeper.

I wanted to live my life’s purpose but didn’t know what that would look like or how it would come to fruition. I just knew it was time to step out on my own.

Always creative at heart, I took a leap of faith and started a portrait photography business that unknowingly would lead me along the path of self-realization. While I’m still on that path, as we all are, I’ve embodied a lot of growth that I feel called to share to spark, inspire, and activate something in you.

Wisdom is the intersection of lived experience, awareness, and intuitive knowing.

I look forward to being your guide as we join together to unearth who you are at the core, discover your truth, and share your gifts with the world.



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Tina LeAnn

I’m Tina LeAnn, an intrepid soul with insatiable curiosity; storyteller, mentor, designer, photographer, and humanitarian. I draw inspiration from travel, nature, architecture, and life experience to live a life that’s gritty, graceful, and honest. I use my profound gifts of high sensitivity and deep intuition to create a high energy, creative, and safe space while empowering you to show up as your best self. My goal is to open your heart to who you are at your core and discover your truth to share your most valuable gifts with the world. Don’t keep them waiting.

Realize your true essence to empower, inspire,
make a statement, and share your most valuable gifts with the world.

Tina LeAnn

Travel & Humanitarian

I BELIEVE WE ARE ONE. There is no such thing as race. At a biological level, we are all the same. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries and the one thing that stands out to me the most is that at a fundamental level, we all require the same things to thrive, food, shelter, clothing, and love.

We may look different, we may have various rituals and celebrations, and we may belong to different religions or political parties, but at the core, we are all just humans beings living a human experience all together here on earth.

I’ve been changed by each person I’ve met throughout my travels, even if we were unable to communicate verbally—a person’s spirit, energy, and actions are often more potent than words.

Because I favor slow experiential travel, over fast-paced barely hit the surface type travel, I’ve had the honor of spending several minutes, hours, or even days with each person in these photos, getting to know him or her at a deeper level.

My heart is full, and I’m so very grateful that I have the means to travel and spend time with the extraordinarily beautiful and diverse people who populate this earth.